Our Mission as the GIGG is simply service to others. These are unusual times. We have learned new phrases like "social distancing" and "6 feet apart". How can we care for the needs of others while doing these things. It is confusing and a bit complicated!
Well, these are the moments when we, a community of faith, are called into action. 
There is an urgent shortage of N95 face masks in hospitals, stock in blood banks, and volunteers for Food Banks. There is a great need for positive messaging and for reaching out to those isolated and alone.
Over the last few weeks some of us (members of the GIGG and beyond) have helped to serve meals at the homeless shelter. We have gone to the Food Pantry to help prepare food boxes for our elderly and low income families. We delivered over 50 cases of water to the winter shelter, along with buckets of homeless care packages. We are picking up and delivering food from La Toque to the Homeless Shelter and then packaging and serving it out! These are some of our most vulnerable populations. We are called to SERVE. Our healthcare providers are on the front lines of all of this, but so are our nonprofit volunteers. 

To check out ways to help, go to our Signupgenius! We update it as the needs come in!
Many of you have asked how you can help. Here's some ways to do just that:

  • There are ways to do service at home! You can make cards for residents at retirement homes or thank you notes for our healthcare providers. You can create simple posters with positive messages and hang them in your windows for neighbors to see! How great would it be to see ALLHEART messages everywhere!
  • Donate Blood!  There is a severe blood shortage. If you are able to do so, make an appointment at a local blood bank to donate blood! If you are looking to donate in Napa, you can go to to make your own individual appointment or if you are located elsewhere you can make appointments on
  • Buy gift cards and order takeout from local restaurants! 
  • Check on your neighbors and make sure they are safe and have what they need. Remember, we are all in this together! And as always, BE KIND!! Thank you to so many of you for your continued prayers. Please continue to let us know if there are people in need or opportunities to serve. We are BETTER TOGETHER!

The God Is Good Group is a service group, whose mission is to inspire and empower community through active leadership & service to others.

All are truly welcomed! We are simply


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Upcoming Projects

There are many organizations doing some pretty amazing things right here in our community. Our goal is to help meet the different needs in our community in 2 ways: assisting organizations already in place and being creative in coming up with simple ways to make our community better and stronger!



To inspire and empower community through active leadership & service to others.

The Fellowship night with our friends with disabilities at St. John’s Catholic Church 

Here’s some fun pics of what always is a beautiful night!! So much love and so much FUN!! 



Thank you all who have continued to support and be a part of this little Service group called the GIGG!!! Our Mission is to inspire and empower community through active leadership & service to others. It has been fun to watch this grow within our community!

The GIGG falls under the Patrick Savage Memorial Corporation. We have been an established non-profit for 3 years now and started as a way to keep our brother Patrick's memory alive...keeping Patrick's experience of leadership and his love for service at the center of what we do, along with continuing to educate on the dangers of drinking and driving.

As a family, we have taken a tragedy and turned it into something positive. Our annual fundraiser that makes all of this possible has become a sold-out event. It is such a unique, uplifting, educational, & well, simply silly! We have tremendous support from our local law enforcement, along with so many in our community. We just had our 10th Annual 99 Card Tournament and raised over $10,000!

These funds will go towards scholarships to graduating seniors from Justin, Napa, & Vintage. They will also go towards supporting our local Grad Nite. The rest of our funds go to the GIGG to help make service & leadership opportunities possible.


those in need

Our Mission

The God Is Good Group is a service group, whose mission is to inspire and empower community through active leadership & service to others.

All are welcomed!

Authentic Prayer Includes ACTION:

Let us pray for our brothers & sisters in need and then let us DO something about it!