mission & vision

To inspire and empower community through active leadership & service to others. 

Here's an Update from 2018:

We would like to tell you what we have done to continued to make a difference in our community. Every year we host a fundraiser: the Patrick Savage Memorial Card Tournament!  Here’s a brief description of where last year’s funds have gone:

Drinking & Driving Awareness:
Drinking and Driving continues to be a real issue in Napa. This year we supported the DUI Prevention Coalition with a Poster Contest, where students in the 4th through 8th grades submitted posters about keeping our Napa Roads Safe. Some fabulous community leaders came together to judge the posters and then families were gathered at the Board of Supervisors Building for the presentation of awards. Our family wanted every young person to be acknowledged for their participation in this contest. We believe it is so very important for people to continue to talk about the issue of drinking and driving, so we gave Yo-Belle gift cards to all the participants. Lots of the amazing posters were made from outstanding Friday Night Live students.

Supporting Grad Nite:
Proceeds from last year’s event went to support Grad Nite.
Grad Nite is a huge party for our local Graduates to keep them safe on such an important night in their lives. Last year, because of the generosity at our event, we were able to provide scholarships to many students who would not have been able to attend Grad Nite without the financial support.

Leadership Development:
Part of the proceeds from last year’s event also went to leadership development. The GIGG focuses on growing leaders in our community through service. We put on a leadership camp last summer at Justin-Siena. We had over 30 students between the grades of 4th through 8th attend this week-long camp. Everyday we brought in a different guest speaker to come & share their story: Bernie Narvaez, Donny Robinson, Travis & Dan Risley, Nancy Wynne de Rivera, & Amy Haines!

Youth Leadership Academy:
We are excited to announce that we will be kicking off a Youth Leadership Academy on Feb. 24th. Our mission is to empower young people through active leadership. This will be a 7-week program and will follow a similar model to Leadership Napa Valley. It will take place in different locations like the Fire Department, the BMX Track, the ropes Course, Health & Human Services and more. Our goal is to offer 4 different sessions each year and we will be accepting 20 middle school students into each session. A team of high school students have been brought together to serve as mentors and leaders for the program and once again, so many of our leaders here tonight have offered to play a role in this Youth Leadership Academy.

Birthday Parties for Homeless Children
We have taken on hosting birthday parties for all the homeless children here in our community. With the support of so many people, we have been able to provide parties for over 40 children of all ages in just this past year alone. We work directly with ABODE services and the county to organize these birthdays. We feel it is so very important that everyone gets the opportunity to celebrate their birthday.

We create a sign-up sheet so that people can sign up to donate certain items: birthday supplies, balloons, warm cozy blanket, a basket of essentials, restaurant gift cards, clothing, shoes, gifts, and often even groceries.

We work with different restaurants so that we can host parties at different places. We sneak in and set up the party and then leave before the party gets there. It allows these families to celebrate together without worrying about the expense of the party! For many of these parents, it means so much to know that people in their community care enough to do this for their children!

The Better Together PROM:
Another exciting thing we have taken part of this year is the Better Together Prom, for people with special needs. In partnership with many members of our community and under the direction of Erica Conway, we have organized a prom that will take place on Feb. 16th. We have collected dresses and suits so that everyone can come dressed up for this very special event. We even have Wonderbread 5 coming to perform.

KINDness Movement:
The GIGG has also continued to be part of the Kindness Movement. We have partnered with the Be Kind Girls and have worked to spread the very simple message of kindness within our different communities. Remember to always BE KIND!

99 Junior card Tournament:
Another thing we did this year was to host our second annual “99 Junior” Event! We got over 130 young people to a junior version of this very event! Best of all, we got some fabulous leaders from our community to come and deal at each of the tables.  Every table had an adult leader! It was a great opportunity for our young people to meet some pretty incredible leaders in our community.


The final part of our proceeds went to support the Patrick Savage Memorial Scholarship Fund at Justin Siena.  We were also able to grow our scholarships! We awarded scholarships to graduating seniors at both Vintage and Napa High. 

Hearts of Kenya Project:
We continue to support the Hearts of Kenya Orphanage in Africa. We just received pictures from the Christmas Party that we helped to fund. It is incredible the support we have been able to give to this orphanage in Kenya. 

So much good stuff happening in our community because of all of you! We are better together!

We hope that in this next year our funds will continue to go to important events that will help our community to grow.

We are working on changing this up!!

Stay tuned...

Meet our Advisory BOard

Megan Dominici

Our founder

The G.I.G.G. -


getting involved

The GIGG will offer different Service Opportunities for each month! We will partake in a variety of service projects within our community and will continue to develop young leaders here in Napa!

Here’s the deal: most of the time those of us who are doing service are changed the most through the service we do. We aren’t out there changing lives…we are out there changing hearts and most of those hearts we change are our very own. "

the GIGG History

A popular phrase of Pope Francis is: "You pray for the hungry and then you feed them. That is how prayer works." Authentic prayer ALWAYS includes ACTION!

To inspire and empower community through active leadership & service to others.

Who can join

 We would love to gather people of all ages and promise to provide an experience of community and faith, centered around our call to serve! 

The GIGG falls under the Patrick Savage Memorial Corporation. We have been an established non-profit for 3 years now and started as a way to keep Patrick Savage's memory alive...keeping Patrick's experience of leadership and his love for service at the center of what we do, along with continuing to educate on the dangers of drinking and driving.

At the end of 2015, the idea of the GIGG (the God Is Good Group) came up! We decided that the best way for us to really grow and develop a service group would be to put together an Advisory Board for the Group. I reached out to some of my strongest Youth Ministry Alumni and instantly had on overwhelming response of interest and excitement. We have continued to grow with people from throughout the community looking to be of service and to expand leadership skills!

Since we started we have done some great things...lots of SERVICE as the hands & feet of Christ!