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We have another birthday on March 5th!! Here is the link to sign up:

Birthday Parties for Homeless Children

We have taken on hosting birthday parties for all the homeless children here in our community. With the support of so many people, we have been able to provide parties for over 40 children of all ages in just this past year alone. We work directly with ABODE services and the county to organize these birthdays. We feel it is so very important that everyone gets the opportunity to celebrate their birthday.

We create a sign-up sheet so that people can sign up to donate certain items: birthday supplies, balloons, warm cozy blanket, a basket of essentials, restaurant gift cards, clothing, shoes, gifts, and often even groceries.

We work with different restaurants so that we can host parties at different places. We sneak in and set up the party and then leave before the party gets there. It allows these families to celebrate together without worrying about the expense of the party! For many of these parents, it means so much to know that people in their community care enough to do this for their children!